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New album from Interstellar Sequence
New releases Poster: mikulem - Date: Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:48 pm
I just released my new album "Sequence Of Life":


It is small return to my album Observers - longer tracks with more evolution. This time I teamed with Jan Printz, who will make 5.1 surround mix from my masters. And because I had to make the masters at 96 kHz, I released also my stereo mix in high quality.

As a small bonus I reuploaded my previous two albums in 24 bit, 44.1 kHz:


I didn't know, but I checked some forums and it seems that bit depth is more important than frequency rate. 24 bit has higher quality, especially in basses. So here it is, I hope it's worth the effort. My current supporters have it for free.
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New CD release - David Wright 'Stranger Days'
New releases Poster: admusic - Date: Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:21 pm
Out now - the new double CD and download (MFiT) from David Wright - 'Stranger Days'.

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WavemansUnderground, BRT2 MUDK Belgium Part3 of 4
EM News Poster: waveman2.3 - Date: Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:04 pm
WavemansUnderground on friday 28 september 2018 Synth/Ambient/Drone/Sequencer !

http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html or radiosunrise.de 20.00-0.00 / 7-11pm(UK) 2-6pm(US ) CST Join the chat to see info and more !

Listen the music from MarcE, now 1 and 3, october part 2 and 4

Rare and never released(Berlin style) track from Computerchemist 1984 and from upcoming album Signatures III with Zsolt Galántai

Do not forget the Dutch..... Son of Ohm and the unique work together from Eagle and Mechanicus Adeptus

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syndae - episode 450
EM News Poster: treibklang - Date: Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:00 pm
There are several ways to support electronic music in life. Of course, you should always go and buy the music you like on CD or as digital release, if you like listening to it. Most artists I have on my shows do not and cannot live from their music, but it would be tragic if they would stop publishing their highly inspiring music. Another way is to visit events where you can meet them and listen to them live. Yes, these are smaller events of a few hundered people at most. But this makes them even more special and worth visiting. Because they are smaller, it is crucial to let their organizers know you are comeing, best by purchasing a ticket in due time. To water your mouth for the upcoming E-Live, on this show you will get fantastic music by Wavestar II (Nightwinds), Baltes & Erbe (Electric Garden), P.Faun (sp'roque). And moreover I have a track of an all time master, Jean-Michel Jarre (Planet Jarre).

Prepare for live with

Yours, Stefan
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