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During A Lull - new track on Mixcloud
EM News Poster: BruecknerAmbient - Date: Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:38 pm
Good sunday to all of You! Smile

Incidentally, I have created this sequence driven (and rather long) track that (most likely) won't end up on any particular album, so I decided it to put it on that Mixcloud platform. I think it turned out rather nice and some of You probably might enjoy it, that's why I point it out.



Actually, this track kind of happened spontaneously - during a lull in my other activities that occured two days ago.

Starting out with some melancholic string pads, followed by a couple of sequences (some improvised live), spiced up with some spacey FX and finally some ELKA improvisation on top of it all, I was surprised that all these different parts seemed to form a story which fully emerged in my mind when I thought about a title - and later some subtitles (which happen to be required on Mixcloud...).

So if You like, come along and follow the unintended journey of a man who, suffering from a broken heart, happens to be in a sea port just hours before the arrival of a hurrican; he takes refuge on a mysterious ship which arrives just briefly before the storm hits shore and eventually is carried far out to sea by it; while the vessel is fighting the heavy weather, the man loses his consciousnes - when he awakes, to his horror he realises that he is the only person on board...

(...You can actually see how the story continues if You look at the subtitles of the track on Mixcloud - or just listen and make up Your own version of the story)

ENJOY! ^_^

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Alpha Wave Movement - Cerulian Skies - Release 2017
New releases Poster: betawave - Date: Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:35 pm

Harmonic Resonance Recordings would like to announce the latest release "Cerulean Skies" by Alpha Wave Movement.

The sky, clouds and their ceaseless dichotomy of colors and patterns helped inspire the music for this release. Synthetic atmospheres and rhythmic dialog depict the inherent dynamic splendor of inspiration......

Inspired by the plethora of beauty up above our heads as we walk beyond the confines of the concrete, glass and steel into this dome of sunlit blue.

Electronic music quiet and reflective like images of a deep cerulean cirrus laden sky or as ominously nebulous as a approaching supercell.

Available on CD and as a digital download:
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