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EMPortal Spotlight

Release date:

February 16th, 2018


P'Faun (formerly Betzler & Brückner) - Sp'Roque (EP)
Posted Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:13 pm by BruecknerAmbient
EM News Dear friends, Sammy David, Tommy Betzler and myself (the band formerly known as "Betzler & Brückner" Wink ) are happy to present our first release under our new band name P'Faun!



Please note: this is retro-electronica infused space rock! Shocked

So, it gets a bit wild here and there and therefore might polarize - we are aware that for the taste of some, our last album "Triplet" already was leaning too much towards rock to be in their comfort zone; well - this one (partly) rocks even more!

Just a friendly warning... Laughing

For more infos and insights, please read the "liner notes" on Bandcamp.

Physical versions of this album are in production and will be ready for shipping in about a week.

Special thanks to Hans-Dieter Schmidt for the excellent mastering. Smile

P.S. In case you prefer something purely electronic - just try the bonus track... Wink


(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  175 times and has  1 Comments.
WavemansUnderground 4 hrs EM/Ambient(radio stream)
Posted Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:52 pm by waveman2.3
EM News WavemansUnderground on-air friday 23 february 20.00-0.00 (7pm-11pm UK)

http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html or www.radiosunrise.de

Playlist (in following order) Georg Link, Shaping Mind, Warpness, (*)Mathias Grassow & Conny Kern, Robert Rich, Annemarie Borg, Rigel Centaurus, Arjen Schat, SpiralDreams, RHEA, Leander Reininghaus, Robert Scott thompson, DASK, Robert Rich, Annemarie Borg, Georg Link, (*)Mathias Grassow & Conny Kern, Robert Scott Thompson. --Note--, all tracks in 128 - 192kbps quality!

(*) Mathias & Conny from not yet released tracks on upcomming album "Four Hands Stage" see photo http://electro-music.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=69651

You are welcome to join the chat for all info

(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  76 times and has  0 Comments.
syndae - episode 422
Posted Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:00 pm by treibklang
EM News Today I watched a short talk on editorial content generation. If you follow the developments in AI these days -self driving cars, bots beating a chess master, and so on- you won't be surprised to find that the same exists for generating texts and videos. Well, syndae is all about music. So I thought, what about automated music generation? A short Internet search tells me they are onto it. And I am not talking about algorithmic approaches. Projects exist which use artificial intelligence for analysing existing music and extracting patterns in notes, styles, and sound. And, blimey, based on the results these programs are able to generate new music. What I did not find (yet?) is something like Alpha Zero, which learns about harmonics and creates new compositions seemingly out of thin air. But I am quite sure there will be such a thing soon. For now, let's stick to artistic music originally created by humans. Tonight's tracks are very much danceable, composed by Obri (Afterglow), Bratenschneider (No Time At All), DR-42 (Dossier Bordeaux 2017), Silicon Slave (Ad Nauseam), Futurum Sonat (eARTh), Jozef Nemcek (Black Hole Collision).

There are no robots on

Yours, Stefan

(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  102 times and has  2 Comments.
Sixth edition "Cosmic Nights" on 19-5-2018
Posted Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:01 pm by SolarPlexus
Concert News Image

Location: Planetarium Brussels
Line-up: Rhea, Ron Boots and Galactic Underground
Doors: 19:00
Entrance is FREE
Free CD with tracks from performing artists
Ticket reservation NOT opened yet

(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  156 times and has  2 Comments.
De facto Berlin School
Posted Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:11 pm by bewoest
EM News Berlin School performed by the band TaboTago, which is actually Berlin based, as a matter of fact. Wink


Watch the video here

Film clips of the live performance at Zionskirche, Berlin, December 10, 2017

The initial idea behind the project TaboTago is a tribute to early Electronic Music legend Edgar Froese, whose work was so influential and powerful.

TaboTago plays or rather quotes both tracks of Froese and Tangerine Dream from the mid to late 70ies as well as compositions and improvisations of their own.

In this concert at the Zionskirche the Band focussed on reviving the spirit of those creative times rather then re-performing actual tracks of Froese and Tangerine Dream from the mid to late 70ies.

Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Synthesizer, Keyboards, Sequencer,
Andreas von Garnier – Synthesizer, Keyboards and
Leander Reininghaus – Guitar, Electronics


(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  212 times and has  2 Comments.
Steve Roach - recent concerts on SomaFM
Posted Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:33 am by BruecknerAmbient
EM News I just learned that recordings of the full six free concerts that Steve Roach performed last weekend can be streamed from SomaFM "for the next few days" (...just listening, sounds great).


Hm, wait - just found some more precise info:

Steve Roach Concert rebroadcasts

For a limited time (Until Feb 16th), we are currently replaying the live broadcast of the Steve Roach concert at Tucson's Solar Culture's Galactic Center February 9 & 10 and 11th, 2018


(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  110 times and has  1 Comments.
Parallel Worlds - 'Increasing Complexity' video
Posted Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:33 pm by Parallel Worlds
EM News https://youtu.be/XwZszv8eHQ0

(Read more)
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New Ultima Thule release: Beyond Earth, by Scott Cole
Posted Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:19 am by Georgivs
New releases I am delighted to announce the release by Ultima Thule Ambient Media of Beyond Earth by Scott Cole... epic, resonant dronescapes inspired by imagined journeyings from our small blue world to the farthest reaches of interstellar space.

It is available exclusively as a digital download via Bandcamp.


To request promo codes for this and other Ultima Thule releases, please email information@ultimathule.info. Please let us know the name of your show, whether you are a radio broadcaster or podcaster, how long you've been running your show, where in the world you're located and an idea of your audience size.


George Cruickshank

Ultima Thule Ambient Media

(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  107 times and has  1 Comments.
Behringer model D sequencer improvisation
Posted Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:04 pm by von haulshoven
EM News Cheap minimoog and it sounds very good. tangerine dream for the poor.

(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  244 times and has  2 Comments.
RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson
Posted Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:36 pm by VCO1
EM News Found dead in hs Berlin apartment He was only 48.

A gifted composer.

(Read more)
            This news item has been viewed  292 times and has  6 Comments.
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