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Post subject: Tangerine Dream and Solo concerts, releases, screenings etc
AUGUST 11: 'REVOLUTION OF SOUND - TANGERINE DREAM' documentary at the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, South Korea. Info from IMDB.

AUGUST 12: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Stendhal Festival, Northern Ireland.

AUGUST 12: 'REVOLUTION OF SOUND - TANGERINE DREAM' documentary at MIFF: Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia.

AUGUST 14: 'MIRACLE MILE' re-issued as a double CD with bonus tracks, on BSX Records. Limited to only 1000 copies

AUGUST 24: 'REVOLUTION OF SOUND - TANGERINE DREAM' documentary at FilmForumNRW, 'Sound track 14', Cologne. 9.00pm. Attended by the director Margarete Kreuzer.

AUGUST 25: Thorsten Quaeschning's (PPm) 'CARGO' OST released on Invisible Hands Music.

AUGUST 26: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Synthposium 2017, Moscow, Russian Federation.

SEPTEMBER: Tangerine Dream (Thorsten & Ulrich) are interviewed by Malcolm Dome in Prog magazine issue #79. 4 pages. Released Friday AUGUST 4.

SEPTEMBER 4: 'REVOLUTION OF SOUND - TANGERINE DREAM' documentary at Babylon Kino (Cinema), Berlin, Germany


SEPTEMBER 29: TANGERINE DREAM'S 50th anniversary:

The Studio album 'QUANTUM GATE'* and 'THE SESSIONS 1' EP released by PLEDGE MUSIC. *Label TBC.

'TANGERINE DREAM - FORCE MAJEURE' (Edgar's/TD autobiography) planned release date. The first 500 copies of the large format 600+ page hardback book with come with a CD - a full album. The album together with a 3 track cup-disc (EP) with excerpts from the album will be available from Eastgate and Compact Disc Services. Both CD's are titled 'LIGHT FLUX'. TBC.

SEPTEMBER 30: 'FORCE MAJEURE' book launch party, Berlin, Germany. Date, venue and time TBC.

OCTOBER 21: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, HEADLINE ACT E-Live 2017, Oirschot, Netherlands (NL). 'SOLD OUT'

OCTOBER 22: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream, E-Live v2.0 2017, Oirschot, Netherlands (NL). Totally different music to OCTOBER 21.

OCTOBER 25: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds, England.

OCTOBER 26: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Mama Roux's, Birmingham, England.

OCTOBER 27: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Islington Assembly Hall, London, England.

OCTOBER 28: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, England.

NOVEMBER 10: CONCERT: Ulrich Schnauss + special guests, Green Door Store, Brighton, England. Doors 7.00pm, concert starts 7.30pm.


FEBRUARY 7: CONCERT: Tangerine Dream - Quantum of Electronic Evolution, Elbphilharmonie - Gro├čer Saal: The ELBE PHILHARMONIC HALL - Big Hall in HAMBURG, Germany. 8.30 - 10.30pm. Almost sold-out.
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...busy schedule. Shocked


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