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Atomic Pool - Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:04 pm
Post subject: New video by DEEP IMAGINATION
"Before Thousand Of Years" by DEEP IMAGINATION

The new video "Before Thousand Of Years" by DEEP IMAGINATION is out now. It is another mysterious video to a piece from the album "Carefully Kept Secrets". A floydian melange between styles like Artrock and Elektronik. The title "Before Thousand of Years" stands here as a metaphor for the archaic and mysterious.

Press comment: "...Deep Imagination also features an ambient-like electronic music, which serves as a subtle accompaniment for the female vocals, the voices and the guitar contributions. Sometimes piano sounds appear, as in "Before Thousand of Years". The piece is a good example of how the concept of Deep Imagination comes up. It is the concept of playing music between Artrock and Ambient." (Siggy Zielinski, babyblaue-seiten.de)

The Video on YouTube:


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