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Guido Meyer - Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:32 am
Post subject: Guido Meyer Lightyears The Movie
When I finished the recordings for "Lightyears" (The Album) in 2005, I occasionally lay on the couch and often listened to the music I had just created. I have always had this film of travel through the universe and just this whole space / Future Fiction in my mind's eye.

And that's exactly what Lightyears was perfect for!

As a concept album about the end of the world and our solar system, with titles that glide seamlessly into each other. , it takes the concentrated listener on a musical journey into faraway galaxies which still calls in the 12th year after their appearance to be started.

But now in sound AND picture!

I had already documented my musical existence in video clips before (YouTube). To implement my ideas for Lightyears The Movie my previous video software was not enough. So first a little money for a reasonable software had to to be invested.

"First the music, ...

I already had that (since 12 years). For Lightyears The Movie, I just slightly reworked the sound. Especially everything was mixed a lot louder (so it fits for mobile phones or notebooks now as well as for your home 5.1 sound system). It was adapted to the MP3 format so to speak sound technically.

. , then the movie

First of all, for those of you who think after the first few minutes, such a Guido Meyer 2002 clip show again (if you know one or the other older clips on YouTube), you're wrong. The movie increases from title to title.

At some point I began to search the Internet for freely available videos and animations. On the subject of Lightyears of course related primarily material about ... "Space"! In the beginning I was worried because I thought I never get enough material in my life, but in the end I had so much , that sometimes I could hardly decide which video would fit better now!

Alone the search took hours and days. Now the amount of useful clips and animations just had to be cut and put together so that they fit perfectly with the music and - in their context - tell a story that is conclusive. Often the music and the picture and effects change synchronously, but sometimes it was good to decouple both from each other.

About 3 weeks I worked on the film almost non-stop. It just takes tons of time and patience, because as you can always think something went wrong and sometimes you have to throw the hard-earned work into the barrel to start over again.

When cutting and developing the film, I almost felt like I did in 2005, when I recorded the music. It was almost as much work. But in the end, I think I can say that the penchant for perfection (which you probably never get, but you can get very, very close to) has paid off.

The film tells two stories at once. First, of course, the Lightyears theme (originally, it was about the end of our solar system in 5-7 billion years, but eventually it just became my own personal space soundtrack, or as the Beasty Boys would say "Planetary Intergalactic") and on the other hand, you can also see a little bit about the person behind the music. So it remains varied, because 53 minutes only Space is a bit monotonous. But what am I talking a lot, ...

As I said, .. You can watch Lightyears The Movie of course on your phone or PC, goes smoothly. But for a truly audiovisual experience, the screen can not be big enough and the sound should be played over an adequate system. The best way to see (and hear) when you are between awake and falling asleep ... And now have fun, ..with

Guido Meyer Lightyears The Movie


Or simply look on Youtube for " Guido Meyer Lightyears The Movie",
it is completley free .
GrahamH - Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:17 am
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Thanks for sharing Guido, it's very good indeed Very Happy

First album of they day for me... Wink

Are you thinking of putting this up on Bandcamp?
Guido Meyer - Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:20 pm
Post subject:

Well, I don't think so also I'm not familiar with Bandcamp. So I think my music (at least for the moment) stays where it is.



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