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Post subject: Justin Sweatt || Say Your Goodbyes (2018)

Xander Harris is solo so it’s a bit ridiculous to say “solo” album but this material doesn’t fit within the narrative of Xander land whatsoever. Back in the fall of 2016 I recorded a solo album that I have shared privately with people over the last year. The album is a tribute to what I felt were insular private albums with a purpose of contemplative listening. The material is inspired by albums like Eno’s “Another Green World”, releases from artists like Cluster & Roedelius, and Riechmann’s “Wunderbar”. Gazing into a small window of independent artists' catalogs of the late 70s/early 80s where looking inward for answers was a brave statement rather than relying on the shocking outward. Some of this material was written as practice exercises during my time as a percussionist/synth player in Neil Lord’s project Future Museums. Some of the material was written in response to the realization of getting what you need is far more attractive in the end than getting what you want. It’s an album intended for late nights with a glass of wine thinking about what work you need to do on yourself but also reflecting on the positives those you love have given you. I had intended for this to have a physical release but I don’t really think it’s necessary anymore. In some ways this album feels like a private diary so maybe it existing in the digital ether is for the best. I miss the days of just posting something and releasing something because you just feel the compulsion to do so outside of release cycles, waiting forever, talking about something you have no idea how to formulate an opinion 18 months after it’s inception. You tend to get histrionic about these things and sometimes I feel like maybe that’s not the healthiest. Download away and enjoy, it’s a “pay-what-you-want” release, I made it to be listened to. Hopefully this will tide you over until the next Xander Harris release. Be well, be kind to each other, remember your perfect time of day.


released February 8, 2018

Written by Justin Sweatt
Photo: February 2017 Malibu, California


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