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waveman2.3 - Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:13 am
Post subject: WavemansUnderground, EM/Ambient 4 hrs Radio stream
Friday 22 june again from 2018(mainly) 20.00-0.00 / 7-11pm(UK) 2-6pm(US ) CST http://www.underground-aexpaerten.de/Radio1.html or radiosunrise.de

Join the chat for all info about the musicians / Concerts


-Canada: Altus
-Germany: Cosmic Ground, Centrozoon(live in Star's End USA), Stefan C. Schenkel, TaboTago
-Letland: Ingus Baušķenieks
-Belgium: Patrick Kosmos(*)(live), Daniel B. Prothèse(2x), RHEA, Wauman-Buytaert-Kinet,
-Austria: Dr. Nachtstrom
-Finland: Pertti Grönholm(2x)
-The Netherlands: Sjoerd W Bijleveld(2x)
-Italy: Lensflare
-UK: Perikomo

All tracks in 128 - 192kbps !

(*) In remembrance of a true Cosmic Courier

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