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BruecknerAmbient - Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:00 pm
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Dear friends, listeners (and others) - may we present to You

One January Evening


- the first live album by Bridge To Imla (Hans-Dieter Schmidt & myself), with our good friends Volker Lankow & Ralph Baumgartl on many tracks!!! ^_^


Cover photography by Norbert Zumdiek
Concert photography by Stefan Trippler


For more infos please see the album's BC page...

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Thoralf Koss recently reviewed Bridge To Imla’s album „One January Evening“ for the German online magazine musikreviews.de - and very favorably so! Very Happy

Read the original review (in German) here, or a (rough) English translation below…


* * *

Once upon a time there was an evening in January... That's how a fairy tale could begin. In this case it's the electronic music fairy tale of BRIDGE TO IMLA and their live performance in January 2018!

In the course of a solo evening on synthesizers and keyboards by RALPH BAUMGARTL, which was not included on this double album but rated as "excellent", the two BRIDGE TO IMLA electronic artists, MICHAEL BRÜCKNER & HANS-DIETER SCHMIDT, came to this quite unusual live collaboration with said Baumgartl, who plays synthie and keys on the second CD "The Jam Session", and VOLKER LANKOW, who accompanies BRIDGE TO IMLA on the tracks "Variation On 'Intermingling Currents'", "The Dream-Quest To Unknown Imla" and "Variation On 'Epilogue - Ring Of Fire'" for almost 20 minutes on CD 1 "The Concert" and additionally on the complete second Jam-Session-CD.

An initial background noise on the second CD also hints at the live character of the recording. Sometimes you almost think it was deliberately left that way, because the sound and the many effects as well as the stereo channel separation are excellent on the first, very atmospheric, and second, much more dynamic, CD. Whether under headphones or in front of a good system (the critic has tested both variants completely!) - when we cross the bridge to Imla, not only an electronic time travel, but also a sonorous floating through the sound world of effects awaits us. Of course BRIDGE TO IMLA do not reinvent their music and the electronic forefather KLAUS SCHULZE has long since crossed this bridge, but how many really alternative possibilities exist within electronic music, in order not to be compared with its "inventors", who - depending on the style in question - are called Schulze, Göttsching, Jarre, Eno, Niemen or Tomita. And in Germany a KLAUS SCHULZE still seems to leave his deepest traces, since he allows his music to hover and unfold mostly without hecticness. The same applies to this double album by BRIDGE TO IMLA.

And whether Schmidt or Schulze, as much as these are commonplace names, electronic commonplace musicians are by no means any of them, even if their sound spaces and atmospheric synthic worlds are very similar, or even unite as a matter of course.

The second CD as well as the bonus tracks of the first one have some surprises in store, which make them the even more exciting part of "One January Evening". Fat basses appear in the intro and the critic who grew up in East Germany actually feels reminded at first of one of his favourite electronic music albums: "Katharsis" by NIEMEN.
Moreover, the percussion of VOLKER LANKOW significantly enrichs the electronic music, even let it shine in a tenderly shimmering jazz light. Free improvisation in particular is good for the music, sets more dynamic sticking points, even if it continues to be subtle on the Schulze synth pads, but the foreground reminds much more of MANUEL GÖTTSCHING's ASHRA and his masterpiece "New Age Of Earth"!

The story behind the studio version of "The Dream-Quest To Unknown Imla", which contains a flute solo created on the Mellotron that really sounds very "real", is also interesting, as it only came to the double album because of an accident. MICHAEL BRÜCKNER, who was responsible for this Melotron flute solo, had accidentally looked into a blue laser beamer exactly at the moment it was planned live, which confused him completely, just like all flute sounds. Now you can hear exactly what it should sound like with the studio version, even if it didn't sound like that live - as you can hear on track 7 of the first CD. A wise decision to keep the live version despite the blue laser view.

CONCLUSION: The two keyboardists Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Michael Brückner build bridges (no wonder with such a name!) to electronic music in the environment of a KLAUS SCHULZE and MANUEL GÖTTSCHING. With "One January Evening" BRIDGE TO IMLA now release a live double album with the guests Ralph Baumgartl (keyboards) and Volker Lankow (percussion and soundscapes) as well as many bonus tracks. Lovers of electronic music will enjoy this double album, which is very atmospheric on the first "The Concert" CD, but much more dynamic on the second "The Jam Session" CD.

Thoralf Koss for musikreviews.de

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