New Releases and Reviews - Stephanie Sante - Clear Light

Marie - Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:28 pm
Post subject: Stephanie Sante - Clear Light


Stephanie Sante is a synthesizer master, and although she occasionally uses her synth to re-create a regular acoustic instrument, she mostly just refreshingly lets her synthesizer sound like a synthesizer as you will hear if you take a listen to her new CLEAR LIGHT album. This is amazing new age and ambient electronica -- simple one moment and complex the next, bouncy and rhythmic one moment (Deep Impression,” “Jade Resonance” and “Fractured Echoes”) and dreamily floating the next (“Melt Like Snow” and “The Color of Coral”), moving from vibrant to spacey and back again. These are underwater dreamscapes and mesmerizing ambient oceanic journeys that will have you aching to scuba-dive on your next vacation. You owe it to yourself to deeply explore this fascinating new release.

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