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BruecknerAmbient - Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:06 pm
Post subject: Lankow, Brückner & Moon - Monsoon Offerings YT trailer
The release of another album I'm involved in is imminent:


by percussionist and soundscaper Volker Lankow and myself
with flute player and singer Suzannah Moon on one (long) track.

The album was mastered by Markus Reuter, cover art was provided by American painter (EM artist & radio host) Paul Nicholson.

Paul's amazing artwort, which goes back all the way to the early 70s, is also what the trailer video is based on (showing only a very small part of his amazingly vast work, by the way…).

Anyway - here's the trailer, proper announcement of the album will follow at the release date.

Thanks for Your attention! Smile



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