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treibklang - Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:00 pm
Post subject: syndae - episode 497
I hope all your pumpkins are well consumed. It's always interesting to see so many people going crazy. Well, as it is rather goodbyeween now, I refrained from syndae going crazy and present the opposite tonight. So what you will get is harmonic, is melodic, is rather easy going. Thirty minutes of delightful electronic music. But before we go there, one thing to tell you: only few shows to go before syndae goes 500. Maybe you already noticed. Of course, there will be a special edition of the show, so be prepared for something unusual for my one step that leaps the show to half a thousand. What do you think? For how long shall the show stay on? Now, I give you thirty minutes to think about it with wonderful tracks by Myth (Time Away presents: Pearl Diver), Dreamerproject (Beyond Dreams), Claus Jahn & Pat Pik (Some Oxygen Needed), Colin Rayment (Transitional States), Giant Skeletons (Warden of the Humming Skies), NoizeFilter (Floating Conscousness).

When the pumpkin's gone at

Yours, Stefan

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