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qwave - Thu Dec 26, 2019 12:51 pm
Post subject: Sequentia Legenda: "Five"
Sequentia Legenda (alias Laurent Schieber) released a full album named "Five" to remember this day 5 years ago, when his first album "Blue Dream" was released. The new album is typical Berlin School, and nearer to KS than to TD's works.

There are 3 tracks of 20+ mins each:

*1: "Circular Sequences"
A bell like sequence is running through most of this track.

*2: "Deep Sequences"
A reverbed sequences with spikes is the main theme of this track. It remembers me a bit of KS's "X" time without being a copy. Some gentle choir "mmmmh" is the foundation of this track.

*3: "Reflective Sequences"
The start is an abstract beginning with the typical EMS Synthi VCS3/A alike sounds. A gently slower sequence starts above a floating floor of choir and strings. Some light percussion is joining the sequence. Some crows (?) are heard flying above. Very calm and meditativ.

Just as the three track names with "sequences" implies, this album is made from three long sequencing Berlin Scholl tracks.

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