New Releases and Reviews - Lauri Lest has released his 6-track debut album “Duality

llest - Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:28 pm
Post subject: Lauri Lest has released his 6-track debut album “Duality
Estonian electronic musician Lauri Lest has released his 6-track debut album "Duality"

"Duality" was released on 3rd of April 2020 and is available on all digital platforms. Listen here: https://ffm.to/lauri-lest-duality

Even though "Duality" is a fully electronic and synth-based creation, very little has been delegated to the machines, as the aim was to focus on live playing and real-time sound manipulation, giving it the humane dynamics and liveliness. It's a collection of minimalist melodies and atmospheric soundscapes combined into states of dancefulness, melancholy and longing for the depths of the inner worlds. Emotions amplified by warm and deep synth sounds are accompanied by lush echoes and reverbs, noises and bass drum pulses. Nostalgic tones and sounds of the future, at times dystopian, at times hopeful, are blended together.

Each piece on "Duality" was born from personal emotional experiences and has been nurtured by the buzzing electricity. It is an ode to introspection in the age of machines, devices and constant strive for progress and success.

The album artwork, created by the Estonian designer Joosep Volk, visually reflects well the themes touched on these 6 tracks. Final polish was given to the album by the German mastering engineer Martin Englert at Elektromos Studios.

All tracks composed, recorded, produced and mixed by Lauri Lest.
Creative and administrative advice throughout the making of this album by Mauno Meesit.
Special thanks to my neighbours, Brigita Reinert, Vaiko Hansson, Taavi Mets, Paul Beaudoin and my family.

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