Cool E-Links - M. Brückner interview by Michel Scheijen / Musicophilia

BruecknerAmbient - Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:29 pm
Post subject: M. Brückner interview by Michel Scheijen / Musicophilia
Recently, Michel Scheijen conducted an interview with me for his wonderful blog "Musicophilia" and released it there today, under a rather suitable title!

Laughing Laughing Laughing


Michel was very patient with me talking at length about many topics, including the "basics" about my musical journey and inspirations (which some of You are maybe already familiar with) but also topics like P'Faun, my connection to the SynGate label, Klaustrophilia and album release overkill...

He picked some nice old photos too - like these of one of my early meetings with Olaf Lux, and with Gerd Wienekamp (of Rainbow Serpent) and Kilian Schloemp (of SynGate) at Winnies Schwingungen Garden Party in 2013...




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