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Topic: syndae - episode 511

Replies: 0
Views: 108

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:00 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 511

Art is all about rousing emotions. If a piece of art doesn't touch you, it is not meant for you. And it does not matter what kind of emotion. Any em ...
Topic: syndae - episode 510

Replies: 0
Views: 160

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:00 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 510
I'm not sure, why I tend to choose rather melodic music recently for this podcast. Maybe it is the mood I am in, so that I need a little contrast to my work, which is rather chaotic at the moment. Whi ...
Topic: syndae - episode 509

Replies: 0
Views: 179

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:59 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 509
Why is it that people have different tastes? If you are looking at food, some prefer sweet, some salty, some rather bitter food, which others can't even taste. On a biological level, taste actually is ...
Topic: Internet became too small...

Replies: 11
Views: 1764

PostForum: New Releases and Reviews   Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:40 am   Subject: (No subject)

Well I've got albums in my collection from both of you guys,
and I wouldn't be without any of them.... Wink

I'm looking forward to both your next albums.... Smile
Topic: syndae - episode 508

Replies: 0
Views: 240

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 8:00 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 508
Do you think that life may be an eperiment with some white-bearded guy watching from above how it works out? Well, this might sound a bit like the famous novel by Douglas Adams. Following what happens ...
Topic: syndae - episode 507

Replies: 0
Views: 245

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:02 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 507
So, I actually wanted to get the show a bit more quiet and ambient tonight. But then I came across all these great and partially hypnotic tracks. Not that they are pushing and up with beats, it's stil ...
Topic: syndae - episode 506

Replies: 0
Views: 268

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:00 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 506
Is it already the third show this year? Crazy. Seems, 2020 starts fast. And there is already a bunch of events going on these months. So be prepared for a busy time ni which events are lining up like ...
Topic: syndae - episode 505

Replies: 0
Views: 292

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:04 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 505
Tonight we have an interesting mixed style episode. Actually this is edition is fourth the year with its number of 505. So, if you are into numbers, here you go. The music on this show is not so mathe ...
Topic: syndae - episode 504

Replies: 0
Views: 389

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 8:00 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 504
Welcome to the next decade in the two thousand's. It was a smooth and non-exciting time for me, well, mostly. Tonight marks the lift-off for more editions with fine electronic music on syndae. So, aga ...
Topic: Happy New Year!

Replies: 3
Views: 718

PostForum: Miscellaneous   Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 11:27 am   Subject: (No subject)
Same to you. And of course everyone on this forum. Very Happy
Topic: syndae - episode 503

Replies: 0
Views: 426

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 8:00 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 503
Oh, well, it's that time of the year again, when people get crazy, panically running around and looking for things to put in boxes. For hard core fans of syndae I do have a little surprise this time: ...
Topic: syndae - episode 502

Replies: 0
Views: 409

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:01 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 502
Living in the northern hemisphere this time around is not the most uplifting thing. It's quite dark throughout the day, not really helping regarding one's mood. Many people put some light in their gar ...
Topic: syndae - episode 501

Replies: 0
Views: 461

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:59 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 501
So now we are over the hurdle of 500 episodes, going on with exciting fresh music starting into the second half of the millenium. And we start with easy, serene sounds quite fitting into the upcoming ...
Topic: syndae - episode 500 (part 2)

Replies: 0
Views: 517

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:01 pm   Subject: syndae - episode 500 (part 2)
Last week, my syndae movie edition was released celebrating issue 500 of my podcast. Thanks so far for anyone viewing in! This week, the movie is still the hot topic for the show, and for those of you ...
Topic: syndae - episode 500 (part 1)

Replies: 2
Views: 604

PostForum: - Syndae -   Posted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 4:54 pm   Subject: (No subject)
Thank you Smile

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