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 Another home studio video clip from Brückner's...

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:51 pm    Another home studio video clip from Brückner's... Reply with quoteBack to top

Here's something new from the "Michael alone in his studio" department... Rolling Eyes


PLEASE NOTE: The recordings in this video are all spontaneous, unedited improvisations / rehearsal / first attempts - and NOT "finished products" of any kind. They clearly suffer from various flaws - but are still over all nice and interesting enough to entertain those of my listeners who like to know more about the techniques and gimmicks I use to create my music with.

That being now told, here's a bit more background info: Arrow

Returning with the mobile parts of my equipment from a recent concert at the eastern part of Germany, I decided to to re-connect some devices in my little studio in a slightly modified way, so I now can use the following simple set-up (which You hear and see in this video):

My old (and potentially slightly cheesy sounding) ELKA Solist 505 monophonic analogue synth feeds into my only slightly newer KORG A5 Guitar multi-FX device and from there into a little BOSS RC-1 Loop Station pedal (which is rather simple and straight forward with only one loop at a time which can either run in overdub or loop playback mode - which means You can only add, but not subtract elements).
From there straight into the mixer and recording device...

So, all music is hand played using only the ELKA, one voice at a time.

I only purchased the looping pedal rather recently and didn't find the time to use it much - and not yet in this way, so it was a first for me.

Given the fact that I'm not a very good keyboard player in the traditional sense (if any) and especially need to still work a lot on my rhythmic skills (which are clearly underdeveloped), the rhythm of these loop recordings is more shaky than groovy, but still I found that the results have quite a bit of retro Krautrock charm to them (or at least I hope so), which of course also is due to the specific sound of the ELKA Solist 505, which makes me partly think of Camel, Michael Hoenig, Michael Garrison, Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream (well, not all the time, but here and there...).

The video contains five improvisations ranging from about four to fifteen minutes.
They were recorded on two days. On the first day, I only made audio recordings (these are the bits that come with the "experimental" footage of my face and the looping pedal). On the second day, I also filmed the thing, actually using two cameras for the first time. Which means this also was an experiment to do a live video with two cameras (but it didn't turn out as cool as I had hoped for, so there's more DIY charm Laughing ).

For some reason I couldn't yet detect, the recordings from the first day had a mellower (and perhaps more pleasant) overall sound, those from day two seem a bit more aggressive.

Anyway - enough said, thanks for Your attention, and I hope You have fun watching this - I surely had some doing it! Smile



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