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 rmi: posting about how they improvise

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:17 am    rmi: posting about how they improvise Reply with quoteBack to top


I came across this post (at the top of the page) https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/tangerine-dream-best-tangerine-tree-leaves-concerts-to-start-with.631746/page-2 where Steve talks about the improv technique of rmi. Thought it might be of interest here.


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:25 pm    (No subject) Reply with quoteBack to top

Interesting indeed! Cool

Since someone is asking about the use of tapes in TD*:
The tape his audible at concerts in the 70s that some people who attended say they perceived might have come from the tape echo machines the band used in those days, I guess.

Then of course, they might have used some backing tapes, and even if, so what...?

Schulze did at times (drums, for example, or the string section of "Ludwig...") - then again, of course, he was alone and TD were three pairs of hands, so obviously they could do more in realtime...

When Steve says "It becomes a matter of embellishment and soloing and letting the music evolve at a pace when you as an individual musician have time to think about sound selection..." etc. it feels very familiar.

Just the other day I found a video file from a couple of weeks ago which was intended as a bonus item to an album (I didn't use it because I ran out of time, though), and it shows me while improvising in my small home studio. I mention it because I still remembered how busy and concentrated I felt when performing this music, and when I watched myself now, I was rather disappointed how little I seemed to do... Laughing
...but after all, there was new music that did not exist before the session, so obviously I must have done something. Wink

I'm sure most of the musicians in here feel similar about improvising with sequencers etc.

* I've never heard about their use of tapes in the 80's. Is there any more insight you can provide about that?

>>>>> It has never been admitted of course Wink but I have it good authority from someone who had backstage access...and it really had to have been the only way they could have dealt with all of those complex sequences and transitions...and my young ears could hear tape hiss over the PA on the gigs I did attend. Another reliable eye witness from the balcony at the Fairfield Hall described Froese's hands as `Hovering' over the keyboards rather than actually playing them...



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