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 The Interior Rhythms

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:20 pm    The Interior Rhythms Reply with quoteBack to top


I am very happy to announce the release of our new album "The Interior Rhythms"

The Interior Rhythms came about by experimenting with subtracting sound from a mix. Traditionally rhythms are created by -adding- a sound, such as a snare or kick drum, superimposed over other instruments. Here, the rhythm bed was created by subtracting frequencies from the main mix with the use of a rhythmic filter. The opening and closing of the filter carving the rhythm out of the mix by use of negative space.

Paul and Daryl both share a love of hiking in the Pacific Northwest so that became part of the narrative. The goal was to create an impressionistic soundscape of a hike through a rainforest where the focus would slowly change from the exterior world of sounds and images to the interior and back again. The environment is of the natural world, of water and wind, of light and shadow, and the most subtle gradations of sonority and color.

The first 4 tracks are 20 minutes each. The 5th and 6th tracks are extended versions of two tracks crossfaded into longer immersions.
you can play one after the other and that will be an almost 80 minutes soundscape (Which is how we recommend listening to this album) Bandcamp upload limitations stopped us from getting the one long mix version.

We've tried to make The Interior Rhythms echo, shimmer and vibrate with magic, expanding outward in rippling waves. Let it create an environment for you to swim around in.

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