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Fluctuantis by Ariel Raguet (Cyclical Dreams)
New releases Poster: CyclicalDreams - Date: Fri Mar 01, 2024 2:49 am
Bandcamp: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/fluctuantis-cyd-0101

CD Edition: https://kunaki.com/accounting/ProductConfig.asp?PID=PX00ZSTDFI
All CD editions: https://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=173070&pp=1

Recorded in Casitadechivi Studio, Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina, between January and June, 2023

All the pieces were composed and played in real time by Ariel Raguet using a Yamaha TX802 FM synthesizer controlled by specifics computer programs developed in Pure Data that provide notes and System Exclusive values for several parameters in the Yamaha.

The eight Yamaha channels were mixed in a Kawai MX-8SR stereo mixer and processed in an iPad Pro with AudioDamage RoughRider3 compressor, AudioDamage EOS 2 reverb and Bleass delay.

This album is entirely dedicated to my friend Ernesto Romeo for a lot of reasons.
released March 1, 2024

Artwork: Cyclical Dreams
Photography: Amp Puttipong
fb: amp.puttipong

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WavemansUnderground EM/Ambient radio + Xtra show
EM News Poster: waveman2.3 - Date: Sun Feb 18, 2024 10:45 pm
Friday 23 february 2024 plays Waveman the following:
20.00 start / ending 2.00 in the morning(europe time), so 6 hours of EM/Ambient. After the regular show some known and unknown oldies I'll play in "Night Owl's"

or radiosunrise.de

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