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Beyond the Antarctic wall
New releases Poster: vonhaulshoven - Date: Fri Jun 02, 2023 9:17 pm
A new ambient piece for the cold blooded .. .. Smile
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Music For The Space Between Atoms by Paul Ellis (Cyclical Dr
New releases Poster: CyclicalDreams - Date: Fri Jun 02, 2023 3:41 am
Bandcamp: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-the-space-between-atoms-cyd-0081

CD edition: https://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00QYXNBW&PP=1
All CD editions:https://kunaki.com/msales.asp?PublisherId=173070&pp=1​

Sometimes when I start an album I will use the jumping off point of "What If"?

I like to speculate how my music could have evolved if things had gone a different way. With this album I thought about what if progressive electronic music loomed larger on the musical landscape? I love and have mostly been focused on larger scale abstract electronic sound worlds, but I have always loved well crafted, more song based forms, too. Vangelis, early Private Music releases (Patrick O'Hearn and Eddie Johnson, especially.) William Orbit, Air and many others move me in the best way. So I became inspired to create this album, which in some cases are earlier pieces radically remixed as well as some new pieces specifically written for this album.

What if that early Private Music label had become as popular and influential as Motown? There are some tracks here with 5/4 or 7/4 time looping over 4/4 drum patterns. Lots of unexpected chord changes, unique rhythmic textures. And I tried to find ways of making melodies shine in-between odd, shifting patterns. Bacharach meets Progressive Electronic? What if?

All music composed, arranged, performed, mastered and produced by Paul Ellis credits

released June 2, 2023

Artwork: Cyclical Dreams
Photography: Amp Puttipong
fb : amp.puttipong​

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Timewind's Return EP - René van der Wouden - new release
New releases Poster: REWO Records - Date: Mon May 29, 2023 5:07 pm
A new EP by René van der Wouden. Timewind's Return. 2 tracks, 30 minutes of classic Berlin School synth music. Out now on Bandcamp!

Composed, arranged, performed and produced by René van der Wouden during the fall of 2022.

Field recordings of the Church of Picauville (Normandy France), June 2022 by René van der Wouden

Instruments used on this EP: Moog Voyager, Grandmother, VC340, Virus TI, Prologue, REV2, MS-1 and Hydrasynth.

released May 29, 2023

Link to Bandcamp: https://rewo.bandcamp.com/album/timewinds-return-ep
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Orion Nebula by Christian Wittman (Cyclical Dreams)
New releases Poster: CyclicalDreams - Date: Fri May 19, 2023 3:05 am
Bandcamp: https://cyclicaldreams.bandcamp.com/album/orion-nebula-cyd-0080

CD edition: https://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00LS71EH&PP=1
All CD editions: https://kunaki.com/msales.aspPublisherId=173070&pp=1
Electronics, sound design: Christian Wittman
Recorded at Nina Studio, Paris (january-march 2023).
Mastering: Michel Geiss
I dedicate this album to all the media people who support independent musicians with reviews, podcasts, playlists, radio shows: you know who you are, my musical trajectory would be impossible without your support and relays....
Electronic music builds possible worlds, particular configurations of space and time. Sounds, harmonics, silences, dimensions and movements are all means to create virtual universes, with their physical laws, their geometry, their genesis and their evolution.
"Orion Nebula" invites listeners to an immersion in a cloud of cosmic light, color, gas and dust located in the heart of the Orion constellation.
The nine stages of this exploration are a weightless journey, in a multidimensional and moving space, crossed by mysterious sound objects which evolve, cross and move away in a stellar choreography.
My music does not tell stories. It describes worlds, with their physical and cosmological laws, between expansion in immense spaces and condensation in the flash of a listening.
It is up to each listener to unwind the threads of his or her listening, between dream and consciousness, between science and fiction, to lose himself or herself in the labyrinth of memories, ideas, sensations and images in order to create his or her own inner film on the soundtrack that I propose.

Christian Wittman: https://christianwittman.bandcamp.com
released May 19, 2023

Artwork: Cyclical Dreams
Photography: Amp Puttipong
fb: amp.puttipong

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Hypnos is winding down
EM News Poster: dronescape - Date: Wed May 17, 2023 8:49 am
From their website:

Today we’re announcing that Hypnos Recordings will be winding down and ceasing operations at the end of 2023. This was a hard decision, but we had to be honest with ourselves that we no longer have the time to continue the hard work of operating a record label and mail order business. It’s better to wind this down properly, and we’re beginning that process now. The Hypnos Forum has been shut down, as it had become increasingly difficult to deal with intrusion from spammers and hackers.

We are very proud of all the music we have helped release out into the world, and all the listeners, recording artists and their music we’ve brought together.

You can still continue to order music from our Soundswim store through the end of the year, and the music will be made available through other outlets thereafter. Our store will offer discounted CDs until we’ve been able to to close everything out, so stay tuned here on this blog, or join our email list if you want to get updates about special deals.

We sincerely thank everyone who went on this journey with us, including listeners, recording artists, music reviewer and resellers.


Mike and Lena Griffin

Hypnos Recordings and Soundswim

Too bad. I enjoyed browsing the forum every now and then, met quite a few interesting people there.

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WavemansUnderground with LONGER tracks !!
EM News Poster: waveman2.3 - Date: Sat May 13, 2023 6:48 pm
Friday 26th of may longer tracks in "WavemansUnderground"
or radiosunrise.de 18 tracks in total, 10 from 2023

"Start: 20.00-23.30 / 7pm-10.30pm(UK) / 2-5.30pm(US) EST"
You are welcome in the chat.....just a name and guest
1. Drones from Mathias Grassow, Sonnov
2. The Roswell Incident with an unreleased track (1 of 3)
3 Presentation of album: Xyrion, Christian Piednoir, Stephen Parsick,
Robert Rich etc.
4. Modular tracks from Luc Debeck, and from Italy Perceptual Defence "N" (A musical Journey about Life Ambivalence)

Flyer with the musicians:

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Space Art - Personal Duty
New releases Poster: DesertedIslandMusic - Date: Mon May 08, 2023 8:51 pm
Pre-order the upcoming Space Art album "Personal Duty" from www.desertedislandmusic.nl as well as Bandcamp (www.space-art.bandcamp.com).

The album will be available on CD, LP and as Digital Download.
We are aiming for the release date of July 14th.
Although it is a rather 'safe' schedule, this might be subject of change, mainly because of the slightly unpredictable vinyl delivery times.
There will be more clarity as soon as we have received and approved the LP test pressing. So stay tuned!

And... we have a special deal for the first customers.
The first 50 CD/LP orders of "Personal Duty" will get an exclusive studio photo of the band's current line-up (Dominique Perrier and Tommy Rizzitelli), autographed by both musicians.
There is no specific option to select, but the first orders will automatically receive the freebie. So be sure not to wait too long before ordering the album.
When the 50 autographed photos are gone, we still have another 50 photos without autographs to include with other orders.
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